Logo Study: ANGELA

AngelaKlein1Images © Neil Gaiman.

In 1994 I was contacted by someone at Todd McFarlane Productions and asked to design a logo for the character Angela, the one created by Neil Gaiman for SPAWN. They were planning a solo mini-series, and needed a logo for it. This was just before I got my first Mac computer, when I was still doing all logo design by hand. These sketches were made with pencil, then markers on typing paper. Continue reading


GLAnn3Image © DC Comics, Inc.

At last, the end of the Godhead storyline pitting the New Gods against all the Lanterns. And it’s full of interesting events, dazzling art, good ideas and nice character development. The things that have been missing in many of the many middle issues of the saga. A double gate-fold near the beginning is fabulous, not only for the art, but for the idea of how Black Hand can change the game and turn the tide for the Lanterns, horrible as he is. Another stunning moment is in the hands of Hal Jordan, literally, with the help of Saint Walker. If you’ve given up on the crossover, I suggest you still might want to read the finale. Well done, this one.


And Then I Read: AQUAMAN 37

Aqua37Image © DC Comics, Inc.

The Maelstrom storyline is taking Arthur and Mera through ancient Atlantean gateways, this time to Gorilla City, home of Grodd. I liked Grodd better when he was smarter, before recent events in THE FLASH, and he shows some signs of getting back to that here, though that’s dragged down by the deal he makes with Aquaman. Arthur wants information about the gateways and who has been using them lately. In exchange for that, Grodd wants a one-on-one fight between them. Of course: comics. Like I said, Grodd was better when he simply out-thought his opponents. The art looks good, and the gateway plot is interesting, so I’ll see how the rest of this goes.

Mildly recommended.


GLC37Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue is full of speeches by Highfather and somewhat pointless fighting by John Stewart, Sinestro and others. I don’t see that it moves the too-long Godhead storyline along much, it’s just another brick in the wall. The art by Bernard Chang is great, but the later pages by others are not as good, and so far off model I had trouble recognizing some characters. In all a mediocre effort.

Not recommended.

And Then I Read: G.I. ZOMBIE 5

GIZombie5Image © DC Comics, Inc.

You know, that cover is more disturbing to me than anything in this series so far. Talented man, Darwyn Cooke.

Jared, the G.I. Zombie, is wrapping up his part in the zombie plague situation and, after a quick meal that I found entertaining, heads off to look for his partner Carmen, who has infiltrated an amazing stronghold of the cultists who unleashed the zombie plague. Carmen is trying to play up to the leader there. Jared is given cover, and is making plans to join her when something unexpected happens that turns everything around. The writing on this book continues to surprise me in a good way, and the art by Scott Hampton is, as always, both realistic, impressionistic, and very appealing.