And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 12


Image © Juke Box Productions.

Here’s an unusual addiction, a costumed criminal who is infatuated not with the loot but with the clothes and costumes, and the fancier and more stylish the better. It’s something I suspect many villains could be guilty of, not to mention the heroes. Our protagonist, Ned, has been part of many gangs, all of them somewhat redolent of show-biz in one way or another. Will true love give him the strength to give up crime? Is a stint in Biro Island Penitentiary enough? How about encounters with heroes having superior power and skills? Or is his addiction too strong to beat?

Fine issue with nice fill-in art by Graham Nolan. One small disappointment: from the cover I was expecting a criminal gang with actual animal heads. Okay, on looking closer, the lack of eyeballs might have been a clue they were masks, but I missed that…


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