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Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Sunday


Images © Todd Klein.

Sunday was mostly about talking to old friends for me, as well as selling prints at my table, where I did surprisingly well. When I arrived at the Con a little before 10 AM I walked around a while and first found Don Rosa at his table giving away hot peppers that he grows at home. Don is always doing something interesting and surprising. “I like to grow them,” he told me, “but I can’t eat most of them, so I give them away at Cons. When I go to Europe I pack an entire suitcase of them.” I asked if he had any trouble with customs. “No, they don’t care what you bring in!” he told me. Here he’s holding what he thinks is the hottest pepper he grows, a “Carolina Reaper,” if I remember correctly. Continue reading

Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Saturday


Images © Todd Klein.

This year’s Baltimore Comic Con expanded to three days, but I wasn’t able to go on Friday. Early Saturday I drove from home to the Con hotel, and after checking in, walked over to the Baltimore Convention Center, arriving just after the show opened at 10 AM. Lots of others were going the same way.


This year the con is in a different, larger part of the Convention Center than previously, but the entry setup was the same: upstairs for panels and registration, downstairs to the large exhibit hall. Continue reading

See You in Baltimore?


Next Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic Con. This will be my third or fourth time at the show, but my first time at a table. I don’t yet know what my table number is, but I’ll be there somewhere! I’ll have all my prints for sale, and of course would be happy to sign anything I’ve worked on.

From 4 to 6 PM on Saturday I’ll be at The Last Fables Panel in room 339-342 along with Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Andrew Pepoy, Steve Leialoha and probably plenty of other Fables creators. I’m looking forward to that.

Baltimore is what I would call a medium-sized show, but what makes it especially nice for comics fans is: comics and comics creators are the focus and main attraction. You can see the guest list HERE, and read more about the con HERE and on their Facebook page, which seems to have more up-to-date information than the website at the moment. You can get tickets HERE. Downtown Baltimore and the Harbor area are also great places to spend some time away from the con.

If you go, hope to see you there!

San Diego Comicon — not this year!


Above is an image that’s making the rounds on Facebook, not sure who put it together, but I found it amusing. I’m breaking a 21-year streak by not going this year. My reasons? Ellen and I wanted to save some moneyafter our spending slightly exceeded our income last year, never a good thing, and San Diego seemed a reasonable place to save a few thousand dollars. Also, we had other things going on in July before and after that are easier to manage if I don’t go. I’ll miss it, I love going, and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms already. Continue reading

Asbury Park Comic Con with Friends


Images © Todd Klein.

About a year ago Asbury Park Comic Con organizer Cliff Galbraith invited me to be a guest at this year’s con, which I was happy to agree to, as I’d attended the 2013 con and enjoyed it. Cliff asked if there were any other pros I might want to invite. I suggested John Workman and Dave Hunt, who had also attended in 2013, and then I thought of J.H. Williams III and his wife Wendy. Jim, Wendy and I have been friends and workmates since the late 1990s. I talk often to Jim on the phone, but we’ve only met in person at the San Diego Comicon, where we enjoyed each other’s company. I floated the idea to Jim and Wendy that they might consider coming to the Asbury Park con and visit Ellen and I on the same trip, thinking they probably wouldn’t have time, but to my surprise they agreed.  Last Tuesday evening I picked them up at the Philadelphia airport, and we spent several days together at our house, and doing short trips, like one to the beach in Sea Isle City, where Wendy collected some shells. Continue reading