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San Diego Comicon — not this year!


Above is an image that’s making the rounds on Facebook, not sure who put it together, but I found it amusing. I’m breaking a 21-year streak by not going this year. My reasons? Ellen and I wanted to save some moneyafter our spending slightly exceeded our income last year, never a good thing, and San Diego seemed a reasonable place to save a few thousand dollars. Also, we had other things going on in July before and after that are easier to manage if I don’t go. I’ll miss it, I love going, and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms already. Continue reading

Asbury Park Comic Con with Friends


Images © Todd Klein.

About a year ago Asbury Park Comic Con organizer Cliff Galbraith invited me to be a guest at this year’s con, which I was happy to agree to, as I’d attended the 2013 con and enjoyed it. Cliff asked if there were any other pros I might want to invite. I suggested John Workman and Dave Hunt, who had also attended in 2013, and then I thought of J.H. Williams III and his wife Wendy. Jim, Wendy and I have been friends and workmates since the late 1990s. I talk often to Jim on the phone, but we’ve only met in person at the San Diego Comicon, where we enjoyed each other’s company. I floated the idea to Jim and Wendy that they might consider coming to the Asbury Park con and visit Ellen and I on the same trip, thinking they probably wouldn’t have time, but to my surprise they agreed.  Last Tuesday evening I picked them up at the Philadelphia airport, and we spent several days together at our house, and doing short trips, like one to the beach in Sea Isle City, where Wendy collected some shells. Continue reading

Greetings, Asbury Park!


I’ll be a guest at this fine convention next Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10 AM each day. I’ll be sitting at space C-318 between good friends J.H. Williams III and John Workman. John and I will be doing a panel on “The Art of Lettering” at 11 AM Saturday, which I think should be fun for both of us. J.H. has a panel Sunday afternoon. Lots of other great pros will be there, too. I’ll have my signed prints for sale, and of course will be happy to sign anything I’ve worked on, which is a lot. Don’t bring it all! Hope to see you there, if you’re going.

Where I’ll Be Next Saturday:


Poster by Rob Woods

I’m looking forward to this one-day show next Saturday in the University area of Philadelphia, west of center city, from 10 AM to 6 PM. My friend and fellow letterer John Workman will be there, and the two of us are doing a panel at noon. Don’t know exactly what we’ll talk about, nothing is planned, but hopefully it will be entertaining. (Panels are at the Locust Moon shop a few blocks from the show.) Other guests include Jim Steranko, Farel Darymple, JG Jones, Chrissie Zullo, Dean Haspiel, Dave Bullock, Kim Deitch, Terry LaBan, and a few dozen other comics creators. I’ll have a table, and all my prints available for purchase. Of course I’ll be happy to sign anything I’ve worked on and chat. The Locust Moon crew, led by Chris Stevens and Josh O’Neill are great people. You may have seen their fine comics anthology from Dark Horse, ONCE UPON A TIME MACHINE. They love comics, and are going to make this show fun for everyone. If you’re in the area, hope to see you there!