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Asbury Park Comic Con with Friends


Images © Todd Klein.

About a year ago Asbury Park Comic Con organizer Cliff Galbraith invited me to be a guest at this year’s con, which I was happy to agree to, as I’d attended the 2013 con and enjoyed it. Cliff asked if there were any other pros I might want to invite. I suggested John Workman and Dave Hunt, who had also attended in 2013, and then I thought of J.H. Williams III and his wife Wendy. Jim, Wendy and I have been friends and workmates since the late 1990s. I talk often to Jim on the phone, but we’ve only met in person at the San Diego Comicon, where we enjoyed each other’s company. I floated the idea to Jim and Wendy that they might consider coming to the Asbury Park con and visit Ellen and I on the same trip, thinking they probably wouldn’t have time, but to my surprise they agreed.  Last Tuesday evening I picked them up at the Philadelphia airport, and we spent several days together at our house, and doing short trips, like one to the beach in Sea Isle City, where Wendy collected some shells. Continue reading

Bedminster School Remembered Part 5


On June 22 we graduated. This single sheet of folded paper was the program, done in the usual mimeograph style. Among the school board members are several names I remember from their children attending the school, such as Robert Gitzendanner, who lived in the house across Elm Street from the new building, and James Beard, father of our classmate John Beard. Continue reading

Bedminster School Remembered Part 4


I have all my report cards from Bedminster. As you must know by now, I’m a saver. Here’s the grade 6 one. The grading system was unusual. Rather than using letters A to F, as most schools did, our school used E: Excellent, VG: Very Good, G: Good, P: Passable and F: Failing. As you can see I was not a top student, with most marks being VG, equivalent to a B grade. In Phys. Ed. I got only G’s, there were two E’s in music and mostly G’s in Writing. In Behaviors and Work Habits, and in Health Education the grades were either S: Satisfactory, U: Unsatisfactory or I: Interview (with parents) requested. Don’t think I ever received any of the latter two. In the teacher’s comments, first marking period, Mrs. Haring noted I was often “inattentive” in her Science class, and that I was “capable of much better.” That must have gotten to me, or my parents did, because by the second period I was “active and attentive in Science classes.” My grades were good enough to be promoted to grade 7. Whew! Continue reading

Bedminster School Remembered Part 3


The principal of our school my entire time there was H.J. (Jake) Snyder, seen here in a 1961 article from “The Somerset Hills Exponent.” The article says he started at the school as an English teacher in 1947, and became the supervising principal in 1951. He and his wife Mildred had two children who attended the Martinsville schools, so he must have lived in that area east of Pluckemin and outside Bedminster Township. His hobbies were gardening and woodworking. He described the biggest headache in his job as being “transportation.” Continue reading