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Easter Eggs 2015


We’re at Ellen’s sister Ann’s home in way northern New Jersey for our annual Easter visit, and continuing the tradition of many years, yesterday afternoon we colored Easter eggs in a variety of unusual ways. This is a competition of sorts that we enjoy, and a creative activity, too. This year the egg decorators were Ann, Ellen, Zack, Ina, Todd and Tim. We each decorated about six eggs, so three dozen eggs total. I was having so much fun, I neglected to take any pictures during the decorating this year, but I’ll link to some past examples at the end of this post. Continue reading

Holiday Visits

DinnerWe’re at Ellen’s sister Ann’s house for the holidays again. This year my friend Tim joined us on Christmas Eve day, where we had some fine meals and played lots of music: Christmas and otherwise. Zack (on left) has become quite a good guitarist, Dave (back center) plays keyboards, Tim and I play guitars also, though this year I was playing auto-harp some of the time, which is easier on my fingers. Everyone sings. It’s great fun.

AnnEllenPlayAnn and Ellen entertained us on their “Music Maker” lap harps, which Tim told us is a form of the ancient Russian instrument, “gusli,” he has one too. One follows the note pattern printed on interchangeable paper diagrams that slide in below the strings, and I wrote a harmony for “Silent Night,” that they were able to do together quite successfully, one following the printed melody, the other the harmony. A link to their performance is HERE.


Cookies are always present at Christmas, Ellen makes some, Ann and Ina make some, and Ann and Dave’s friends give them some. Here’s the cookie tray for Christmas Eve day, with plenty more for the rest of the holiday.

AnnsTreeChristmas morning I was the first one down and turned on the tree lights, but the others were soon rounded up by Ina for our gift openings.

GreenesMany fine gifts were enjoyed by all, then we had a fine breakfast with baked apple french toast and egg and cheese casserole.

DougKidsIn the afternoon we visited my brother Doug and his family, where a large group always gathers. I never seem able to get many good pictures there because it’s rather a madhouse, but here are all the kids present in a planned group photo, including my niece Haley and nephews Charlie and Dylan.

CharlieNephew Charlie is starting to learn to play the French Horn, and had no problem bringing it out to play a few notes for everyone. He’s not shy. We had another fine dinner there with my Mom, and lots of other members of Doug and Lena’s extended family and friends.

CatsSoon we’ll be heading home to south Jersey, where our cats are being well cared for in our absence, here they are showing what they feel is the best use for a Christmas present: sitting on it. Hope your holidays are merry!


Wintry Thanksgiving


Thursday we made our annual trek to the northwest corner of New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with Ellen’s sister Ann and her family. This year it was the scene of an early snowfall of about 10 inches of very wet snow, making it much more like Christmas, visually.


It was perfect for snowballs and snowmen, and Ellen’s nephew Zach and I made on of the latter.


It had snowed the day before, so the roads were no problem, and it was kind of fun to be suddenly amidst a Winter Wonderland. We had no snow at all where we live in the southern end of the state.

It was seven years ago today…


…that I began this blog and my website. I had no real plan for either, just wanted to put my name and work out there for the world to visit or not as they chose, and write about whatever came to mind. Started making a new line of signed prints so I’d have at least a small amount of income from them. It’s worked out pretty well for me, people seem to like it. Over the past year my series of posts about the DC Comics offices from the 1930s to the 1950s got the most attention, with over 4,300 visits for part one, linked here. Previous favorites like my Batman Logo Study and Comics Sans font article are still in the top five. A newcomer, and I’m not sure why is Part 3 of my Wonder Woman logo study.


Over the years I’ve sold quite a few of my signed prints. Longtime fan and buyer Laura Kinnaman recently sent me this photo of some of them framed. She writes, “I’m pretty sure I have coolest dining room ever :)” That’s the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile, thanks, Laura! If you enjoy my site and blog, the best possible way to support it and me is to buy something from my BUY STUFF page. Thanks to all of you who have, and everyone out there who checks in to see what’s going on here regularly. I appreciate it!

Tomorrow I’ll begin my eighth year, hope to see you back here soon.