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Wintry Thanksgiving


Thursday we made our annual trek to the northwest corner of New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with Ellen’s sister Ann and her family. This year it was the scene of an early snowfall of about 10 inches of very wet snow, making it much more like Christmas, visually.


It was perfect for snowballs and snowmen, and Ellen’s nephew Zach and I made on of the latter.


It had snowed the day before, so the roads were no problem, and it was kind of fun to be suddenly amidst a Winter Wonderland. We had no snow at all where we live in the southern end of the state.

It was seven years ago today…


…that I began this blog and my website. I had no real plan for either, just wanted to put my name and work out there for the world to visit or not as they chose, and write about whatever came to mind. Started making a new line of signed prints so I’d have at least a small amount of income from them. It’s worked out pretty well for me, people seem to like it. Over the past year my series of posts about the DC Comics offices from the 1930s to the 1950s got the most attention, with over 4,300 visits for part one, linked here. Previous favorites like my Batman Logo Study and Comics Sans font article are still in the top five. A newcomer, and I’m not sure why is Part 3 of my Wonder Woman logo study.


Over the years I’ve sold quite a few of my signed prints. Longtime fan and buyer Laura Kinnaman recently sent me this photo of some of them framed. She writes, “I’m pretty sure I have coolest dining room ever :)” That’s the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile, thanks, Laura! If you enjoy my site and blog, the best possible way to support it and me is to buy something from my BUY STUFF page. Thanks to all of you who have, and everyone out there who checks in to see what’s going on here regularly. I appreciate it!

Tomorrow I’ll begin my eighth year, hope to see you back here soon.

Egg Dyeing Contest Results!


Thanks to everyone who voted on our egg dyeing contest (on Facebook), here are the results. First place went to 28, by myself. Second place was a tie between 25 by Ann Smiga Greene and 23 by me. Third place was a tie between 20 and 2,  both by Ann. Four eggs tied for Fourth place: 4 and 14 by David W Greene, and 33 and 36 by me. Several of the winners have already been eaten, but they remain immortalized here!

2014 Easter Egg Coloring Contest

Every year Ellen and I and her sister Ann and family color Easter eggs. We’re competitive and artistic, so it’s kind of a contest, and this year you’re invited to vote on your favorite or favorites. We’d like to know what you like best, so please vote. You can do so here, or on my Facebook page. Thanks!

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Happy New Year!


Here’s wishing all of you the very best for 2014! Last night Ellen and I went out for a delicious sushi dinner, then spent a few hours at First Night in Ocean City, NJ enjoying some live music and comedy. This was our second time at the 20-year-old event, a family-friendly group of activities around the city, something for everyone. First we saw the Harmony Show Choir of Gloucester, NJ perform a wildly energetic non-stop 45 minute routine of dancing and singing. Great stuff, I was exhausted just watching it, and they did three such shows in three hours!


Next was Broadway By Request, where eight fine stage-musical singers perform numbers from a list of about 80 songs chosen at random by the audience. As happened when we saw them two years ago, not everyone got a solo shot due to the vagaries of requests, but every song performed was excellently done.


Finally we enjoyed the Abott and Costello show, two impersonators who do a fine recreation of the comedy duo’s vaudeville numbers, from “Niagara Falls” to “Who’s on First,” and many others I hadn’t heard before. A third fellow helped, and did his own turns as Stan Laurel and Jack Benny. Good fun.

We could have stayed until midnight and a fireworks display, but we were both tired, and I’m fighting a cold, so we were home in bed by 11 PM. Today we have no special plans, except to take it easy and enjoy the day. Hope you do, too!