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multiversitytpImages © DC Comics.

Two series I did lettering for last year have just arrived in trade paperback editions. Both were in hardcover earlier. Years ago anything I lettered was published once and that was it. Things began to change with the SANDMAN trade paperbacks in the 1990s. Now most things I letter are reprinted in collected editions at least once, sometimes more than once. I like that trend!

Incoming: SHAME Hardcover

shamehcBeen wondering what painter/artist John Bolton has been up to the last few years? Here it is, the SHAME trilogy, now collected in a single deluxe hardcover edition. Written by Lovern Kindzierski, with about 200 pages of amazing painted art by Bolton, lettered by me, with lots of extra material as well. Lovern calls it a fairy tale. I think it has elements of allegory too. Certainly the characters and story line are appealing, and if you like the way John Bolton paints women, there are plenty here, along with creepy monsters, gentlemanly knights, horrible demons, and more. Available directly from the Canadian publisher, Renegade Arts Entertainment, or from your comics retailer.

Incoming: TROLL BRIDGE by Neil Gaiman & Colleen Doran


Just arrived from Dark Horse, a new entry in the “Neil Gaiman Library” of illustrated short stories by Neil. I lettered it over pencil scans, so most of the painted color was new to me, and Colleen Doran has done a magnificent job. The story by Neil is terrific, too. Also interesting to see that the cover design is completely different from the one released with previews last month, except for the cover art. Should be out by October 18th, if not sooner.


midnightdaystpCover art by Dave McKean.

Just received, a new trade paperback edition of this collection of otherwise uncollected Vertigo work written by Neil Gaiman (with Matt Wagner on one story). Essentially, all his Vertigo work that wasn’t Sandman. This was first issued as a trade paperback in 1999, then a deluxe hardcover in 2012, now a new trade paperback edition. Stories are from SWAMP THING ANNUAL #5, HELLBLAZER #27, WELCOME BACK TO THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY and SANDMAN MIDNIGHT THEATRE (concerning the Golden-Age Sandman, and co-written by Wagner). All good stuff, some lettered by me. Out soon.


batmanelseworlds2Image © DC Comics.

This upcoming trade paperback I just got copies of collects three original graphic novels I lettered—BATMAN & DRACULA: RED RAIN, BATMAN: BLOODSTORM and BATMAN: CRIMSON MIST—with Doug Moench scripts, Kelley Jones pencils and inks by Malcolm Jones III or John Beatty. Moench, Kelley Jones, Beatty and I had a long run on monthly BATMAN issues, but these were separate projects that had more edgy material and more extreme art (Kelley Jones unleashed). I was able to do a lot of cool things with the lettering, too, all by hand. I haven’t read them since I lettered them, but they still look pretty good to me. Out soon.