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Image © Peter Milligan & Brett Parson.

Another recent Vertigo series I enjoyed lettering. It’s been decades since I worked with writer Peter Milligan (on SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN), and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he did a fine job with this romantic comedy. Lord Byron brought back from the past to be a draw for an online dating service? Fun idea. Not to mention the complications of other famous lovers like Mata Hari and Casanova, and more modern schemers, all out to ruin the unlikely pairing of programmer Lexy Ryan and Byron himself. Should be out soon, and complete in this collection.


LuciferVol1TPImage © DC Comics.

Another new Vertigo series that I’m enjoying lettering. I think writer Holly Black is doing a fine job, and I love the art of Lee Garbett. Don’t know if it’s anything like the TV show, haven’t seen it, but likely it’s not. Very much carrying on from the characters as Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey handled them.

IllegalistsHCHere’s a new hardcover, a fantastic project I’ve been working on the last few years, whenever Stefan Vogel could afford to produce more of it. The story of the Bonnot Gang in early 20th century Paris. Working folks lashing out at unfair laws, police brutality and poverty by becoming the Paris version of the Bonnie and Clyde gang…sort of. It’s an exciting and well-told story based on true events. I’m not sure if you can get the English language version if you didn’t back the Kickstarter, but there’s a Facebook page where you might ask. There will be a French language version next year. And if you watch my eBay auctions…



Image © David Baillie and Meghan Hetrick.

The first collected edition of this series I’m lettering looks great. Now that DC is not sending me printed copies of the individual issues, this is my first time seeing it all in color, and of course with Steve Oliff coloring, it’s gorgeous. I love the writing by David Baillie, which not only tells an exciting story but immerses me in Scottish myths I know nothing about, and I love the art by Meghan Hetrick, which is full of verve and personality as well as great drawing. The logo by Nancy Ogami is also terrific. If you haven’t tried it, now’s a good time!



Image © DC Comics.

Just in time for Greg Rucka’s return to WONDER WOMAN is this handsome and thick hardcover containing the WONDER WOMAN: THE HIKETEIA graphic novel and issues 195-205 of the monthly comic. It all looks great to me! HIKETEIA has wonderful art by J.G. Jones and Wade  von Grawbadger, the series has art by Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder and others, plus covers by Jones. I lettered all of it, and for you lettering nerds out there, you can compare my hand-lettering on HIKETEIA with my digital lettering on the rest, this work falling on both sides of the divide, when DC went all-digital on lettering. Not sure when it’s out, but I certainly think it’s worth your time.