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FreeCountryHCImage © DC Comics, Inc.

This new hardcover reprints the two large issues from the 1993-94 Vertigo crossover with an all-new center third lettered by me (along with other pages in the final section), a total of 75 new pages. As Neil explains in his introduction, the entire idea of a Vertigo crossover was new at the time, as was the imprint, and the original plan didn’t pan out well, so the story was never reprinted. In this new version, the story line has been carried through as originally intended with a center section plotted by Neil, written by Toby Litt and with art by Peter Gross. I think it works much better now.


LoxleysConfedImages © Renegade Arts Entertainment

The second hardcover featuring Canadian history and the Loxley family that I lettered arrived today, and it looks great. It’s a little larger than a standard comics hardcover, and details the political and personal struggles to create the nation of Canada from a diverse group of provinces. While a little dry at times, and not as action-filled as the previous Loxley book,

Loxleys1812both are well-written by Mark Zuehlke (and Alan Grant on the first), and beautifully illustrated by Canadian artist Claude St. Aubin, whose work you may have seen on Marvel and DC comics. You can find both books on the Renegade Website, and I recommend them!


NemoFC001Images © Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

Just arrived from Gosh Comics in London, a personally inscribed copy of the third and final hardcover in the Nemo Trilogy I’ve been working on the last few years with Alan and Kevin, as well as Ben Dimagmaliw on colors, Chris Staros at Top Shelf, and Josh Palmano and Tony Bennett of Knockabout/Gosh. It’s been a great time, and a terrific project.

NemoInscrp002I don’t usually share inscriptions, but this one made me feel so good I couldn’t resist. I have a wonderful job!


BatmanKJonesFCImages © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m delighted to have received my copy of this from Bob Chapman at Graphitti Designs. It’s so cool to revisit the pages I lettered for BATMAN 515-525 at original art size, and most scanned from that art, so it’s just like having the pages in hand, with every tiny detail (and error) perfectly reproduced. This is the format that Scott Dunbier pioneered at IDW with his Artist Editions, but Chapman has produced an excellent companion in this book, and I hope many more. The art by Kelley Jones and John Beatty is so cool, much more interesting to look at in black and white than a lot of comics art, and where originals couldn’t be found, Gregory Wright’s original color guides are scanned instead, also fun to see.

BatmanKJonestitlesIf you’re at all interested in seeing my hand lettering work at its prime, this book is full of it, from story titles and credits, to regular dialogue balloons and captions…

BatmanKJonessfx…and lots of sound effects and display lettering of all kinds. There are a few bits done on computer, but most of it is pen and ink. The book is not cheap at $125, but I feel it’s a great package and well worth it. Perhaps your library might be persuaded to order it for you if you can’t buy it yourself, hope so.