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Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics.

I don’t usually do two of these so close together, but I was so happy to see this book I couldn’t resist. First, I was blown away by the wraparound cover by Daniel Dos Santos, which looks even better without any type on the actual cover boards. Second, the paper and printing on these is SO much better than both the original comics and the regular trade paperback collections. Wonderful to finally see our work reproduced this well. Finally, the collection of issues 70-82 puts some amazingly varied stories in one volume, from epic battles and thrilling action to moving tragedy and heartbreak. From clever comedy to chilling horror. From spy thrillers to intimate character work. From honest heroism to the worst villainy. Fables, and especially this collection, has it all. Look for it at a shop near you.

Incoming: The LOEG CENTURY Hardcover


Image © Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill

This was out in time for the San Diego Comic Con, but I’ve just received some copies from the publisher. A long time in the making, it will be nice to put it on the shelf next to volumes 1 and 2 and the Black Dossier. I had lots of challenging fun with the lettering in these books, from crazy psychedelia to twisted madness and beyond. Doing the design work with Kevin is also great fun, and I think the entire package looks quite handsome, but of course I’m biased. Order it online from Top Shelf, or look for it at a shop or bookstore near you.



Image © Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill.

This came out in March, but I just received some copies. Many people seem to think that Alan Moore has given up writing comics completely, but it’s not so. The “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” series continues with three books about the daughter of the original Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and “Mysterious Island.” The first, NEMO: HEART OF ICE came out in 2013. It details an expedition to Antarctica that involves a number of lost civilizations and ancient horrors. We’re working on the third now, which will be out next year. ROSES OF BERLIN takes place mostly in World War Two Germany and is full of Nazi-fighting action. I’m proud to be a part of it, including the design work I did on the cover, under Kevin O’Neill’s direction and layouts. The series is available from the publishers Top Shelf (in America) and Knockabout (in England). And if you missed the previous series, CENTURY, you’ll find advertisements there for the collected hardcover edition, cover below, due out in July. Lots of great reading!




Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics, Inc.

I had a great time lettering this. Someone is killing the most beautiful women in Fables, and Cinderella is assigned the task of finding out who. Cindy is an accomplished spy, but perhaps not such a good detective…or is she? Writer Bill Willingham has created a “fair play” mystery, in which all the clues are there if you can catch them, and there’s no cheating, particularly hard in a universe where magic is real! The artist lineup is wide-ranging and full of nice surprises.