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Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics, Inc.

I had a great time lettering this. Someone is killing the most beautiful women in Fables, and Cinderella is assigned the task of finding out who. Cindy is an accomplished spy, but perhaps not such a good detective…or is she? Writer Bill Willingham has created a “fair play” mystery, in which all the clues are there if you can catch them, and there’s no cheating, particularly hard in a universe where magic is real! The artist lineup is wide-ranging and full of nice surprises.

Incoming: THE UNWRITTEN Original Graphic Novel


Image © Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Just arrived today, a project I really enjoyed working on. I’ve been lettering THE UNWRITTEN from the beginning, and Mike and Peter have been constantly teasing readers with glimpses and excerpts from the actual Tommy Taylor novels. THIS is the real thing: a graphic novel adaptation of the first Tommy Taylor novel…plus other story elements long-time readers will find enlightening. Look for it in your area soon!



Image © The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

This DC hardcover was in the works for quite a long time. Originally meant to be four 48-page issues, it was reformatted as a single story. The art by Paul Chadwick of CONCRETE fame is great, and the story by Harlan Ellison is fine too, lots of space-faring adventure, time travel, and cool ideas. I lettered it, so I may be biased, but if you’re an Ellison or Chadwick fan you’ll want to read this book.


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

I don’t know how difficult it is to get a copy of the 2013 San Diego Comicon Souvenir Book if you didn’t attend the show, but I imagine there are going to be copies out there. Thought I’d point out the excellent Dave McKean SANDMAN cover, which I have to say I actually like better than Dave’s alternate cover for SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1, out later this year. There’s lots of good reading and art inside, too.

Neil Gaiman in LOCUS / San Diego Bound


Image © Locus Publications, Inc.

There’s a fine interview with Neil in the July LOCUS magazine. I mean, most interviews with Neil are good, but LOCUS has a unique approach to interviews that I think makes them better than most. They remove all the questions, and edit together the interviewee’s answers so it’s like a spoken personal essay about the person’s life, work and current interests. Great reading.

That reminds me that I’ll be seeing him at the San Diego Comicon for the first time in a few years. I’ll be there Thursday through Sunday, and am slated for two panels: the 25th Anniversary of the Eisner Awards at 11 AM Thursday, and the Vertigo Sandman panel at 3:15 on Saturday. I’ll also be at the Eisner Awards on Friday, and attending other panels, walking around the dealers’ room, and generally having a good time. I’ll be reporting on the con here on my blog, as usual. If you’re going and you see me, say hi.