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Crespi21Images © Marvel.

This time I’m covering pages 21 to 24 of the collection of Marvel cover lettering from about 1974 to 1978—mostly by Danny Crespi—compiled by fellow letterer Phil Felix. Above is page 21. These are all lettered by Danny I believe. If you’re following the series, you should have picked up some clues by now about his style. One obvious one on this page are the heavy panel borders that often extend beyond the corners. Those extensions were cut off when the lettering was photostatted and pasted onto the cover art. Another clue is the right leg of the R in display lettering often turns up at the end. Not every time, but there are several examples here. Danny’s non-display or regular lettering is very wide and very even and regular with little or no “bounce.”  Continue reading

A Testimonial

alphabetartA fan and patron named J M writes:

“I’ve been purchasing your Alphabet print series since it started so many years ago and, up until now, they’ve just been in sleeves because I didn’t have any place to put them, having lived with my parents and friends until recently. When I got my own place, one of the first things I did was display them above my fireplace, and I just wanted to thank you for making such great art and to show you how good they look together.”

Thanks, J M, you made my day!


Crespi17Images © Marvel.

To recap, in 1984 letterer Phil Felix put together a large collection of photocopied cover lettering while working in the Marvel Bullpen alongside Danny Crespi, the Production Manager at the time, and a fine letterer himself. Most of the lettering is by Danny, as on this page, #17 in the collection, and it comes mainly from 1974-1978 when Danny was lettering most of Marvel’s covers. I’ve found many of the covers where it was used, and I’ll show them after each page. This article covers pages 17-20 of the Phil Felix collection. Note that the original lettering in black and white often looks better than on the printed covers where it sometimes gets lost in color and surrounding art. Continue reading

Hand Lettering is Alive and Well!


Okay, not much in comics, but if you do a Google search for Hand Lettering and then select Images, you’ll find tons of beautiful examples like these. Follow those images to the websites, and you’ll find much more, including videos.

HandLettering2These are just the first three groups of images. I didn’t get any further.

HandLettering3I didn’t have time, nor did I feel I needed to look any further to know that people are still creating beautiful work by hand, and lots of it. That made me happy.

Pulled From My Files #38: DC COVER LETTERING

DCCL_JLA103Images © DC Comics.

After looking at a lot of Danny Crespi cover lettering lately, I thought I’d show a few of my own hand-made ones. My lettering for this cover was very large and very long, so I’m showing it in two parts. The letters are made of brush-strokes, probably a size 3 brush dipped in india ink. The outline is made with a size 0 technical drawing pen. Continue reading