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Logo Study: ANGELA

AngelaKlein1Images © Neil Gaiman.

In 1994 I was contacted by someone at Todd McFarlane Productions and asked to design a logo for the character Angela, the one created by Neil Gaiman for SPAWN. They were planning a solo mini-series, and needed a logo for it. This was just before I got my first Mac computer, when I was still doing all logo design by hand. These sketches were made with pencil, then markers on typing paper. Continue reading

Marvel Movie Logos, A New Trend?

SixNewLogosAll images © Marvel.

Recently Comicraft logo designer JG Roshell sent me a link to this image promoting six future Marvel films with the excited message, “Looks like they’re using my Inhumans logo and your Dr. Strange!” We were both happily surprised by this. Even though there’s no guarantee these logos will continue to be used going forward, it was cool to see. Continue reading


SensationWW1Images © DC Comics, Inc.

On Feb. 24, 2014 I received an email from DC editor Kristy Quinn commissioning this logo. She told me it was for a new digital-first title along the lines of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN or LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, in that it would run online first, then be released in a print version, and the logo would need to serve both. Kristy wrote:

“This is going to be a BIG logo, both literally and figuratively. It needs to offer a lot of flexibility for placement while speaking to both the original SENSATION COMICS logo and a more modern sensibilty.

1) can be used as two-three flat lines, or equally as well stacked into 5 lines
2) Something that reflects the original SENSATION COMICS logo & uses the WONDER WOMAN section to bring it forward in time.

Bonus points:
3) Since this will cover 90% of the real estate on any digital graphics, it needs to “read” at 600×600 pixels, so we can use it as the entire graphic if we need to.”

I was happy to accept the assignment, and I soon got to work making sketches. Continue reading



A few months ago I was contacted by Leah Moore about designing some logos for a new project she and her dad Alan Moore were working on, an app for making and reading comics in digital form. They had the name, and a few sample logo treatments, but they weren’t completely sold on any of them and asked me to have a go, which I was happy to do. From the sample provided above, I liked the retro Victorian feel and the old light bulb. Continue reading