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Zion National Park

RedCanyonImages © Todd Klein

Friday, Oct. 16th we drove from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park, about two hours. On the way we stopped for a few photos in Red Canyon, above, which is on the road out of Bryce. It was cloudy, so the colors were not as vivid as when we’d passed it earlier. The entrance to Zion from the east is an amazing drive, through a long tunnel into an upper side canyon, then down a long series of switchbacks to the canyon floor. I was driving, so wasn’t able to get any pictures. Continue reading

Bryce Canyon, Day One

SeniorPassPhotos © Todd Klein

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, we drove from Jacob Lake to Ruby’s Inn just outside the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park, where we’d stay for two nights, an easy drive of about two and a half hours. Ruby’s Inn is a whole city unto itself, you could stay for weeks, and we liked it fine there. After a quick lunch, we drove into the park, and a very kind Park Service person at the gate suggested I get a Senior Pass for $10 rather than pay the usual $30 entry fee. Senior Passes are for U.S. citizens who are 62 years old or older, and grant free access to all National Parks and Lands for life. What a great deal! This offer was on the entry sign at Grand Canyon National Park too, but we never looked at it. So, we saved $20 here, $30 at Zion, our next stop, and any parks we visit in the future are free. Ellen is not yet 62, but as long as I am, she gets in with me. Terrific! Continue reading

Grand Canyon North Rim Day One

JacobLakeCabinImages © Todd Klein

From Oct. 12-16th Ellen and I were on vacation in and around the canyons of northwest Arizona and southwest Utah. Here are the first batch of vacation pics. Our Monday began in Los Angeles, where we’d been at a family wedding. We flew to Las Vegas, rented a car, and drove to Jacob Lake Inn near the North Rim, about a five hour drive. We stayed in this cabin, which was cute, but very small and rather cramped. Still, it worked fine for us, as we weren’t in it much. After checking in we drove south… Continue reading