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And Then I Read: THE FLASH #1


Image © DC Comics.

I’m on the fence about this one. There’s nothing I dislike about it, but it’s a rehash of Flash’s origin yet again (seems like about the sixth time in the last few years) with some changes that pull in elements from the TV show like the “Jitters” coffee shop, but many other elements are not like the show. We have some new characters in the Central City police force that seem promising, so I’ll stick with it for a while. Much of this issue feels kind of like the dress rehearsal of a play I’ve seen too many times. The art by Carmine Di Giandomenico has a loose design-ish feel that suggests advertising storyboards to me. I like the style and the design both, but at times, particularly in small figures, it loses focus. Okay, let’s see where it goes.

Mildly recommended.

And Then I Read: DOCTOR FATE #14

DoctorFate14Image © DC Comics.

Khalid continues working with his predecessor as Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson, in this issue, as Kent advises the young man on how to close a dangerous door his powers have opened. While willing to give advice, Kent wants Khalid to solve his own problems, and sends him off to the dangerous place on his own, where Khalid is soon over his head again, though willing to solve problems himself. In a second short story, Khalid and his friends and family attend an interfaith service that is threatened by protesters, who need some handling by Doctor Fate to set them right. Both stories are by guest artists, and both handle the characters quite differently from Sonny Liew, but writer Paul Levitz’s characters and dialogue and keep things on track and enjoyable to read.


And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #9

Unfollow9I really like the way writer Rob Williams is developing this story. With 140 plus characters to follow potentially, he had to narrow it to a few he found interesting, and they interest me, too. The killer in the elaborate mask, Rubinstein, is still on billionaire Larry Ferrell’s Caribbean island, and makes a startling discovery that changes everything, but before that we have a few of the targeted 140 in Russia taking refuge with members of a local mob there, for a price, and getting a ride on a massive plane that seems to be a real thing, new to me. In Marseille, France, another of the 140 is out on the streets alone, a very dangerous place to be. And a group of the 140 who have followed Akira back to his island compound in Japan discover that Akira seems to be rather less sane than they expected. Excellent art by Mike Dowling that reminds me of Frank Quitely for good reasons.


And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #2

WW2Image © DC Comics.

Very smart, writer Greg Rucka’s plan for this series revamp, alternating two story lines. In issue 1 we saw Wonder Woman today, here we return to her beginnings on Themyscira. As Diana expresses her desire to know more about life beyond their island and has some adventures there, we see the idyllic but predictable world of the Amazons beautifully depicted by artist Nicola Scott. (Different artists for each alternating series. Smart.) As Steve Trevor’s path brings him inevitably to an airplane crash on the shore of the island, we learn of his character through interactions with fellow soldiers and friends. The transitions between these two threads are equally clever. I’m tired of the revamps. but so far this one is fun to read, and I think alternating between the past and the present will make each story line resonate with the other going forward. Very smart, very well done.



GreenLanterns1Image © DC Comics

GREEN LANTERNS is a new series shared by the two newest Earth Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. “Shared” in story pages and narrative, but the two don’t seem to like or trust each other very much, and it’s an uneasy alliance at best. Each has non-Lantern problems to deal with, and each is new enough to the Green Lantern Corps to be constantly surprised by what their rings tell and show them, not to mention the situations they find themselves in. Old villain Atrocitus is here too, with Bleez, one of his Red Lanterns, and there are aliens, dead humans and an ominous red tower and A.R.G.U.S.

I was hoping this book would provide a fresh direction, but the appearance of Atrocitus, and yet another plot about the potential end of the universe suggests not. I enjoyed the interplay and personal stuff with Jessica and Simon, so will read on, but perhaps not for long.

Mildly recommended.