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And Then I Read: ASTRO CITY 18

AC18Image © Juke Box Productions.

Crackerjack, the battered character above, and Quarrel, his partner in crime fighting and life, also above, are the focus of this issue, but Quarrel gets the most attention. They’ve been doing this for many years, and while attending the retirement dinner for one of their comrades, questions of hero longevity are the topic. Crackerjack is a wise-cracking optimist, with no plans to quit, though events suggest he might be losing his edge. Quarrel finds herself questioning her own life decisions, leading to a long flashback/origin that I found quite interesting. Great art and writing, as usual, by Busiek, Anderson and Ross.



GLNG37Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris have been stripped of their rings and powers, and dumped onto the ruined surface of New Genesis, where they finally have time to talk over their situation in more ways than one. Things seem hopeless until New God Metron shows up to point out a way they get get back into the fight, and they do, rejoining other Lanterns held by the New Gods in an unlikely attack. It’s all somewhat predictable middle-book crossover events, but not a bad read.

Mildly recommended.


ThunderworldImage © DC Comics, Inc.

Is there room in Grant Morrison’s mind-bending Multiversity saga for light-hearted fun adventure stories? Yes, and here’s one. Grant teams with artist Cameron Stewart, bringing back fond memories of their SEAGUY, in a nostalgic look back to the Captain Marvel Comics of the 1940s, but with plenty of modern twists, including versions of the former Fawcett Comics characters from other universes. Captain Marvel villain Sivana is the main foe, though he has lots of help, and the storyline is full of action. The best thing about it, though it the humor and intelligence of the script. Grant clearly had great fun writing it, and Cameron Stewart’s art has never looked better. Even if the rest of MULTIVERSITY doesn’t interest you, this one is well worth reading, and you won’t feel left out if you haven’t read the others.


And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 37

GL37Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Hal Jordan and the GL Corps have found themselves unable to defeat the New Gods, but here Hal plays a new card: he recruits Black Hand and his Black Lanterns. The New Gods have left them out of things, and with good reason, it seems. Hand loves death, and the prospect of a war delights him, but not as much as The Wall at the end of the universe when he realizes it’s made of dead things. Hand has a way with dead things. A clever plot twist, and an enjoyable issue of this crossover, despite the fact that it’s gone on too long.


And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 37

JL37Image © DC Comics, Inc.

The Amazo Virus has devastated Metropolis, and even brought down many of the Justice League. Batman is still standing, thanks to his hazmat suit, but no telling how long. Superman and Wonder Woman seem to be the only two impervious to the disease. All three are trying to bring down the first infected, now a very powerful super-being, albeit a sick one. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has a fascinating conversation with his sister, and is once more under attack. Great writing and art on this book. Even a few full-page and double-page panels that are a delight to see. When I think of how far comics art has come in my lifetime as far as realism, energy, and quality of printing, I’m amazed myself, and this is a good example.