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The DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup Part 2



If your idea of sand sculpture is castles, you have to love this one, based I guess on the TV series, which I haven’t seen. An amazing amount of detail on these solo sand sculptures on the Atlantic City beach. Even with about a week to produce them, I find it hard to imagine how some of them were finished in time. More details of this one below. Continue reading

The DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup Part 1


Yesterday Ellen and I spent over an hour enjoying dozens of wonderful sand sculptures on the Atlantic City beach opposite Pennsylvania Avenue, next to the Steel Pier. It’s the second year of this competition (though rumors have it not returning to Atlantic City next year), and the work is impressive and amazing. The sculptures will be on display through next Sunday, July 6, so if you have the chance to visit I urge you to come see them. Photos can’t capture the size and detail, but here are lots of them anyway. At the entrance are welcome sculptures by local artist and event organizer John Gowdy. Continue reading

A Mobile Sand Castle


Found on the beach this evening in Sea Isle City, NJ, sculptor unknown, this charming sculpt of a sand castle on the back of a lizard-like creature. It’s the fantasy version of a seaside mobile home, I guess. Quite well done, probably by a pro.


Here’s a closer look at the castle itself. excellent variety of features and surface textures.


This smaller castle was nearby, possibly by the same person. Looks unfinished, but still a skilled piece. Never know what you’re going to find on the beach!

Beach Days


Some of Ellen’s family has been visiting us all the past week, hoping for some good beach days. There were a few, not as many as they might have hoped, but they had fun anyway.  Adam, Zach’s friend, joined them, left, then nephew Zach, Ellen’s sister Ann, niece Ina and Ellen. Ann’s husband Dave was also here a few days. I, unfortunately, had lots of work to do, so missed some of the fun, but I did get to the beach for a few hours on four of the seven days.


Monday was the best weather, and we did some sand sculptures. That’s me in the back working on a pointed arch, and in the front Ann and the boys built a castle.


Here’s the finished castle, looking quite good.


And the finished arch, with the castle behind it. Nothing very elaborate this time, but I had fun doing this.


Here are Zach and Adam relaxing after all that work.


Ellen and I pose for a picture with Ellen’s camera.


One day was cloudy with a little rain. In the morning, Zach entertained Tigger on the guitar.


Leo was there too, watching from the bookcase.

That day they went to the Zoo, and there were shopping trips, and of course ice cream at Springers in Stone Harbor. Most evenings we played board or card games. Ina made several meals we all enjoyed, including her own pizza, ratatoille and crab cakes. We also got some good sushi take-out.

The crew headed home this morning, the beach vacation is over for another year. It’s a lot quieter, but we enjoyed the company, and hope to see them again soon.


Beach Zoo Beach


That’s how our three days with my brother Doug and his family went. Saturday was largely sunny, though only in the 70s, as has been the case the last two weeks at least, very cool for August, but we had fun at the beach, and I built this sand castle with some help.


Sunday was showery, though it never rained much, so we went to the Cape May County Zoo, which is really quite a good one.


The stars of the zoo are the current pair of Snow Leopard cubs, so very cute. It’s the third year in a row the Snow Leopards have produced a litter, and I’m guessing the cubs are being distributed to other zoos once they’re old enough.


A giraffe reaches for some distant leaves. He got them, too.


Some of the animals were sleeping or out of sight, but enough were out and being entertaining to amuse everyone.


The lion was roaring, which we heard but didn’t see.


Outside the zoo was a climbing wall, raising money for the animals. Haley and Charlie had a go.


Here’s the zoo’s photo op spot with our niece and nephews Haley, Charlie and Dylan.


Monday we were back at the beach, where the boogie boards were in good use. Mostly cloudy and still cool for August, but not a bad day.


The race for the shore.


Here are Monday’s sand sculptures, with Haley’s in front, Doug’s behind that, and my tall tower right.


The tower door, a separate piece. I haven’t tried that before, worked okay.


Tower with kids, for scale.


And finally, Doug’s deep hole. Fun was had by all, lots of ice cream was eaten, as well as excellent Japanese food at Murasaki and fresh corn on the cob at home. Ellen’s family will be visiting next week.