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I’m back…I think.

I’ve been struggling with getting my Blog back in working order, with help from the support team at Lunarpages, my website host. It’s been a long and difficult struggle, made more complicated by having to move the website to different servers twice. Then lots of complications with the WordPress plug-ins I like to use. At the moment I’m keeping the Jetpack plug-in off, as that seems to be messing things up, and I seem to be able to work with the rest of the WordPress administration pages, like the one I’m using to write this. Hope to be back to regular posting soon, I have a large pile of things I’ve read to be reviewed, for instance.

Technical Difficulties

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything new here for a few days, my website service provider moved operations from Nevada to California this past Saturday, and my website and blog have not worked right since. I was on the phone with them today, but no improvement yet. Hope to have better news tomorrow. This simple post has taken about ten minutes to process instead of seconds.

UPDATE: My website host has found and solved one problem that has returned the loading time of all my regular website pages to normal. Another problem is still slowing down the blog, so they are investigating further, but at least some progress has been made. Hoping to have news about that soon.

New Calendar Art Exhibit at the Brandywine River Museum


This morning Ellen and I visited the Brandywine River Museum in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania, one of my favorite museums. It’s a treasure house of American illustration art and the work of the Wyeth family, as well as a beautiful building with lovely views of the river.


Their new exhibit running from now until May 18th is “A Date with Art: The Business of Illustrated Calendars.” There are several calendar paintings by one of my favorite artists, Maxfield Parrish, this one from an Edison Mazda Calendar. It had glass over it, so there are reflections. Needless to say, my photos don’t do justice to any of the paintings, you have to go see them for yourself! Continue reading

3-D Chalk Art Show, Atlantic City


We went to this fascinating show of street art today in Atlantic City. I’ve seen this kind of work in photos, but never in real life, and while I had some idea of how it’s done, I wanted to experience it in person. Ellen and I both found it wonderful. I’ve tried to name the artists, but have missed a few.


Here’s the one I think we liked best, by Sharyn Namnath. From the designated correct photo spot, it looks as if the dice, place markers, houses and hotels and Mr. Money are rising up from the street. Continue reading

Bernard and George Kashdan at DC Comics


Photo courtesy of Paul Levitz and © DC Comics, Inc.

In my recent blog article “The DC Comics Offices 1930s-1950s Part 3,” I examined a large 1948 photo of the National Comics (now DC Comics) staff, trying to identify as many of the people in it as possible. I thought the gentleman above might be a young George Kashdan (a DC editor), while others thought it could be someone else. Recently I was contacted by Bennett Kashdan, who told me he and his mother are sure it’s a picture of Bennett’s father Bernard Kashdan, George’s brother. Bernard Kashdan worked on the business side of National Comics, starting work there in 1940. With some additional photos and information from Bennett, I’ve put together what I know about the two Kashdan brothers. Continue reading