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Issued in spring of 2008, the first printing of this 11 by 17 inch signed print is sold out. A second printing of 500 copies is now available. The text, newly written by Neil Gaiman for this print, is intriguingly mysterious and dark, with chillingly crafted images, but with moments of dry humor as well. Printed in black ink on pale gray Wausau Exacta Vellum Bristol paper, with black line and gray tone artwork, each has a hand-painted white moon and candle-flames, and is signed by both Neil and myself. Neil has signed them in green ink, to set them apart from the first printing, which were signed in tanzanite (purple/blue) or brown ink. The words "2nd printing" also appear in the small type on the right edge. My price is $20 plus shipping. It will be placed in a protective plastic sleeve and mailed in a sturdy mailing tube. Detailed descriptions of the creation of this and all my prints are HERE. To order using PayPal, click the button below.

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