SDCC 2017 Sunday

The first thing I did at the con today was attend the annual Jack Kirby Tribute panel. Lots of Kirby panels this year, but this one is a fixture. Here are just some of the pros and friends who turned up to tell stories about Jack and comment on his work. I can’t name them all, but seated are Mike Royer, Louise Simonson, Marv Wolfman. Standing are Bill Finger’s granddaughter, Mark Evanier, Brent Anderson, Walt Simonson, Jim Chadwick (mostly hidden). The most memorable comment for me was something Kirby said when told that some artists who loved his work were going to bring back some of his characters. Jack said, effectively, “They got it wrong. If they want to be like me, they should come up with new stuff.” Continue reading

SDCC 2017 Saturday

Another full day at the con, and I was able to spend more time in the Exhibit Hall today. Above is Keith Pollard, a busy comics artist in the 1970s-1990s. I probably lettered some of his DC work for things like GREEN LANTERN, and I know some of the “Tales of the Green Lantern Corps” stories I wrote were in issues where he drew the main story, but we’d never met. I applaud the San Diego staff for finding and inviting guests like this that are long out of the current comics business, but of interest to older fans and an important part of comics history. I think this is the only con that makes this kind of effort. Continue reading

SDCC 2017 Friday

As I made my way from my hotel to the con center this morning, I had to wait for some of the long line of folks to enter Hall H, the one many of them had been waiting to get into for days. I was amused by this lady with the sign who was “preaching” to the line as they entered, things like “Your long wait is almost over, enlightenment is just ahead!” Her group is the Line Monks. Quite a clever and funny idea to keep spirits up. Continue reading

SDCC 2017 Thursday

My day began at 3:45 AM, an hour earlier than usual, and I arrived at Philadelphia International Airport around 7 AM for a nonstop flight to San Diego leaving at 8:30. All went well, and I arrived in San Diego around 10:45 AM after adding three hours to my day because of the time change, which I would be feeling later in the day. Because I didn’t decide to go to the con this year until after the annual hotel room lottery, I had no hotel reservation, but was able to get one through the con as an Eisner Award nominee. They gave me a wonderful room at the Hilton Bayfront next to the newer end of the convention center, and here’s my room view looking down on it. This will be the most expensive room I’ve ever had, but it’s wonderful, and I plan to enjoy it as much as possible! The area in front of the con center is always jammed with traffic. To get me there, my cab from the airport went out to the interstate, drove east past downtown, then back down to the hotel. Much quicker he said, and I believe it. Continue reading

And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #19

Image © DC Entertainment.

Odd numbered issue, so “present day” storyline. It’s hard to imagine Diana being so troubled that a stay in a mental hospital is warranted, but that’s where she’s just been. Friends have come to take her out, finding her mind now back on course. One of those friends is a giant bull-headed man? That’s not madness, that’s comics. Meanwhile, Barbara Ann Minerva has been turned to Cheetah once more at the command of Diana’s enemies Veronica Cale and her electronic creation Doctor Cyber. Back on Themyscira, Diana’s mother and friends wait for an expected battle to begin, unable to contact Diana directly. The issue ends with a shocking strike against Wonder Woman that looks very serious. Well written by Greg Rucka, well drawn by Liam Sharp, as usual. Fine colors by Laura Martin and letters by Jodi Wynne, too.