13 Blog Years

This is the 13th anniversary of this blog. It seems every year now I’m saying that I’ve been neglecting the blog and not posting as much as I used to, and it’s true. One new reason this time is that I’m very busy working on a book about lettering that has not yet been announced, so I can’t say more about it. Once that’s done, I should have more time and energy to post here, and once the book is published, assuming that happens, I will have lots more to say here about letterers and lettering, things that did not fit into the book.

Looking back through the past year’s posts, I see the majority are reviews, mainly of books and comics. My comics reading has dwindled since this March. For some time I’ve mainly been reading them in digital form, and the production of new comics that interest me has dropped to almost none, while availability of new issues has done the same due to the virus. I could reread old comics, but I rarely have the desire to do that. Books, on the other hand, continue to be read daily, and are a comfort and a fine form of entertainment I’ve enjoyed since I learned to read. All the book reviews on my blog are on THIS page. I went to two comics conventions last year, San Diego and Baltimore, and had a great time at each. No cons are in my future now until there’s a vaccine for Covid-19. Most public activities have been halted, so there won’t be any sand-castles at the beach, fireworks, restaurant visits, vacations and concerts in the near future. It’s a new world we’re in, and while I don’t find it difficult on a daily basis, it certainly has restricted our activities.

I have many things to be thankful for. I live in a wonderful natural environment that I enjoy every day, my wife and I are happy together here with our two cats, Tigger and Leo, and we have friends we keep in touch with by phone and email. My lettering work has become occasional; I’m doing one regular book for DC, BOOKS OF MAGIC, and a few other short things only. I am semi-retired from lettering. This worked out well for the research and writing I’m doing for the book, work which I find absorbing and fulfilling. We are in good shape financially, and are managing to stay home and stay safe most of the time.

It will be interesting to see how the coming 12 months work out for all of us. I wish you well on your journey through them, and I will post here as often as I have something to say. Be safe.

7 thoughts on “13 Blog Years

  1. Lou

    Happy Anniversary–I enjoy checking out your site every day, in the hopes of seeing a new entry. I don’t get disappointed if you do not have a new entry, as I know you are very busy. You have opened my eyes to a world of great books to read that I ignored in my childhood as I was pursuing more adult type stories. Here’s hoping for many more years of treasured reading!

  2. Rocky Parsons

    Very glad to hear you’re safe and writing a new book. Enjoyed reading your Omega Men this weekend. Appreciate the post and congrats on continued creative exercise!

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