1990 Robin logo CORRECTION!

robinlogofinalImage © DC Comics, Inc.

The story behind the design of the above logo had long puzzled me, but I pursued it last year and I thought I’d finally figured it all out. Neal Adams had been asked to design a costume for the launch of a new Robin monthly title, and part of that design was this letter R in a black oval. I, and those at DC who I asked, all thought Neal had designed the symbol along with the costume. Then, today, I got an email from Kez Wilson with the rest of the story:

I was making regular trips in to DC to troll for work at the time, and went in to bug
Dan Raspler for jobs. He brought up the Robin logo and showed me the layouts he’d gotten so far, indicated it wasn’t quite what he was looking for and asked if I had any ideas. I did a quick sketch of the “R” symbol and Dan got real excited and ran off. He came back and then named an outrageous payment amount which was around five times what a normal comic logo was going for at the time (much less a costume symbol) for the design. Apparently they were expecting to plaster the symbol all over the place and wanted to make sure that whoever designed it would not come back looking for more money. It was to be combined with the new outfit that Neal Adams had designed. I told him for that kind of money I’d design a whole logo for him.

And he did, though the final design included input from Curtis King and possibly myself when I did the final rendering. I’ve updated the Robin Logo Study Part 2 with this new information, as well as part 2 of the Kez Wilson logo study I posted yesterday. I think I’ve finally got it right, now!

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