2010 Kitten Olympics


<<cue Olympic theme music>>

Excitement is high here at the stadium as the long awaited Kitten Olympics is about to begin. At the starting line of the Soccer event are Tigger in the narrow stripes and white, and Leo in the wide stripes. The starting gun is heard, and they’re off!


Leo is in hot pursuit of the ping-pong ball, but Tigger is right behind him!


And it’s Tigger for the goal! Next up is the Plastic Straw Skitter…


Tigger has the straw, and skitters it around his opponent, Leo…


Then Leo moves in for the block and takes the straw home!


Only Leo enters the challenging Short Track pursuit event, and finds it difficult!


Tigger wisely skips that event and takes time to refuel in the Olympic Village cafeteria. Leo gets in late, but has time for a quick bite.


Then it’s on to Wrestling, where Leo seems to be in a strong position…


…but Tigger slams him back into the boards. The whistle blows, and Tigger has the win!


Leo prepares for the High Jump, his best event…


Oh, it’s a mighty leap, but a miss!


Luckily in his second attempt, Leo shows perfect form, and captures the feather, er, medal!


Last event of the day is the Nordic Combined Ball and Feather pursuit. Tigger takes it by a paw!


As the games draw to a close, we find Tigger atop the podium, while Leo gracefully accepts the silver.


They take a victory lap, and the crowd goes wild!


Then it’s time for a well-deserved nap, and planning begins for the next games in four…years? days? How about four hours? Yes, sports fans, another thrilling Kitten Olympics is right around the corner!

<<cue Olympic theme and fade to black>>

7 thoughts on “2010 Kitten Olympics

  1. kelly cramer

    I’m tired just looking at the pictures of all the activities, aren’t they entertaining!!! Bella is very entertaining, also very very destructive….Kelly

  2. saranga

    I love your cat posts 🙂
    I have also recently realised how many of my favourite books have been lettered by you. You do really good work!

  3. Eric Gimlin

    I normally can’t stand people’s cat picture posts. For whatever reason, I really do enjoy yours.

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