Looking forward to watching, beginning tonight. Ellen will be most interested in the figure skating, and I like that a lot too, but I enjoy watching all the winter Olympic sports except ice hockey, so bring it on!

Now I must begin  this year’s attempted news blackout, so I can try to enjoy watching without already having learned who won everything. I say attempted because it’s so difficult to achieve. I’ll put only classical music on the radio, and turn it off when it’s news time. I’ll watch only the Today show on TV other than the Olympics and shows I”ve recorded (at least there, since it’s the same network, they usually give you spoiler warnings about Olympics news. Usually). I’ve changed the opening page on my browsers from news to a blank page. I’ll put each day’s newspaper aside until at least the following day without looking at it or even taking it out of its plastic bag. That’s as much as I can do, and it probably won’t be enough!

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