2018 Easter eggs

We continued our yearly tradition of coloring Easter eggs at Ellen’s sister Ann’s on Friday, though we had less time for it than most years because of other family activities. Here are the results. The dyers are Ann Greene, Dave Greene, Tim W., Ellen Klein, Ina Van Vooren and myself. There were about two dozen hard-boiled eggs, and we each did three or four. We usually do judging in various categories. This year we sent photos to Zack Greene in Savannah, and he did the judging, but unfortunately I don’t have those results handy, or an exact record of who did which eggs. I do know that Tim’s three eggs all won awards, and others were won by Dave, Ann, Ina and Ellen. I did not win any this year, which is certainly okay.

We have dyeing techniques that have been developed over many years. Some use here involve rubber bands, cut out masking tape in various shapes, lines made with clear wax crayons, and a few made with regular crayons. It’s aways fun to do, and you end with with eggs you can eat, also a good thing.

The dyes were all regular Paas dyes this year except the red, where we added some red food coloring and extra white vinegar to make it darker. A close-up of one of my eggs using a clear wax crayon and many layers of dipping. The surface of the egg makes for cool textures and color combinations. This egg is in the second row right end on the first picture above, and is not as impressive from further away.  Last year’s psanky egg dyeing, a completely different process, was one we didn’t have time for this year, but you can find in HERE. Perhaps next year we will try that again.

One thought on “2018 Easter eggs

  1. Jamie Hickson

    Thanks for sharing these, Todd.
    It’s always interesting to see how many different types of eggs you all come up with.

    For what it’s worth, I think the one of yours that you mentioned
    should’ve won something.

    Better luck next year, I suppose.
    ; )

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