3 Years, 1000 posts!

Yup, it’s the third anniversary of this blog and website today, tomorrow we begin our fourth year. On my blog administrator pages I noticed a few weeks ago that I was also approaching 1,000 posts. “Wouldn’t that be interesting to have it hit exactly 1,000 on the anniversary,” I thought in a geeky way. Then I counted forward, assuming a post a day, which is what I aim for, and…without any special jiggering, there it was, hitting 1,000 today. Weird how those things work sometimes. How close have I come to my post-a-day goal? 365 days times three is 1095, so I missed 95 days, or an average of 2.6 days per month. Not bad.

Then I got to wondering how many words I’ve written here, and I found a WordPress plugin that does that, adding total word count to the bottom of my blog home page. As I write this I am at 439,854 words, not counting this post, or about the length of three good-sized novels. Funny, one question I’m often asked at cons or in interviews is, “Do you think you’ll ever do any more writing?” Okay, it’s not fiction, but it certainly takes time, and for things like my logo studies, a good deal of thought and research.

Some time over the past year the blog stat plug-in I’m using started counting visits to the blog Home Page, and that now leads in most visited by a long shot, 163,000 plus. Next most popular are my Batman Logo Study posts, with Part 1 at over 20,000 visits. They’re perennial favorites, every few months a new site lists them, and they find new viewers. My Logo Links page is close behind with over 15,000 views. All the other posts are at less than 10,000.

Okay, enough patting myself on the back. Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading, it provides me with the kind of feedback I never get from my regular comics work, and makes it fun to turn on the computer every day. Onward into year four we go!

5 thoughts on “3 Years, 1000 posts!

  1. Jesse Post

    I for one am very glad for the post-a-day policy! The blog inspires me to keep lettering. Thanks, Todd!

  2. Floris from Holland

    Compliments and congratulations Mr. Klein. Your site and blog continues to be an inspirational and entertaining one. A sincere thanks for the effort and time you put into it. Best of health for you, your wife and the cats. And take care. Watching and reading from a sunny and warm Holland / The Netherlands…

  3. Jim Campbell

    Tsk! Did you draw that balloon in *Photoshop*, Mr Klein? Well, it would be churlish of me to hold a single transgression against you when set against the wealth of entertaining, informative posts that you’ve shared via this blog. Thanks for the first 1000, which I’ve enjoyed tremendously. Looking forward equally to the next 1000.

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