A Dollar Found

We made it to the beach for the first time this summer (and much earlier than usual). The heat wave we’ve had this week has brought the ocean temperature up to August warmth, and the water was delightful.

Ellen and I went for a long walk through the shallows, as we often do, and I found this Sand Dollar shell (actually the exoskeleton of a creature related to Sea Urchins). It’s in nearly perfect shape. I’ve been going to the beach regularly here in New Jersey since I was a small child, so close to 60 years, and this the the very first Sand Dollar I’ve ever found here. Found some on a beach in Georgia, yes, and in Florida and the Caribbean, but never in New Jersey. Pretty cool! I’ll let it sit in a sunny spot until it gets bleached white, I think, then put it up on display somewhere in the house.

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