A Fabled Dinner Souvenir

Going through stuff I brought back from San Diego, I rediscovered this fun souvenir of the FABLES/HOUSE OF MYSTERY dinner organized and hosted by editor Shelly Bond. She had this special menu printed up by the restaurant, a service they offer. Don’t think she’d mind my sharing it. Here’s the inside:

Shelly, being the consummate editor, noticed they had spelled Bigby’s name incorrectly, and amended everyone’s copy with her trusty red marker. Later I noticed two other errors. Can you find them?

11 thoughts on “A Fabled Dinner Souvenir

  1. jcp

    Two other errors:
    1. Saturday, August 26th, 2008 hasn’t happened yet, so the menu is either from the future or the date is wrong.
    2. The Page Sisters’ “Salmone” instead of “salmon”.

    Of course, if I’m wrong I’ll feel like an idiot.

  2. DavidK

    Well, two of the entree listings end with periods; the rest do not. Were those the mistakes that caught your eye?

  3. Todd Post author

    One of the errors was caught by “jcp” and Christian, the month is wrong, should be July, not August. The other has not been caught yet.

  4. Jason

    Oh wait no. It’s white wine, shallots, and rosemary. There shouldn’t be a comma after shallots.

  5. DavidK

    I’ll take another shot at the final one — there’s only one appetizer, even though the heading is plural.

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