A Maze Game

© Todd Klein.

I was at a loss for something to write about this evening, so I pulled this old maze game out of my files. I used to enjoy creating mazes on paper in grade school, and still have some of those, but this one was done a bit later, probably in high school. Each pair of matching letters is connected, so for instance if you should come to a capital T, you then jump to the other capital T, wherever that is on the maze. Eventually you will land in one of the numbered boxes at the bottom. You can compete with a friend by totalling your score on consecutive runs. There’s a large scan HERE that you can download and print out. The quality is not the best, as this is a photocopy, not the original (don’t know where that is), but I think it’s clear enough to play on.

Hey, you CAN still have fun with a piece of paper, you know! Let me know if you try it.

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