A Print Testimonial and Suggestion

Image © Mark Buckingham and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

One of my regular customers just ordered another copy of this print. He’s bought several. This time he wrote, “FYI — Each Beast is a a GREAT new baby gift – its a huge hit every time I give it.  Might be a good way to promote the item!”

Thanks for the suggestion, Jeremy, consider it done! Have a new baby in your circle of friends and family? Here’s a unique gift that might be just the thing. $20 plus shipping HERE.

End of plug, Mark and I thank you for your consideration!

One thought on “A Print Testimonial and Suggestion

  1. Marcel Souza

    My son (2 years old) loves the Each Beast print! He keeps spotting all the animals. It sure is a great baby or toddler gift!

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