A Speedball Lettering Text Book


I’ve been using Speedball pen points for hand-lettering most of my career, but I never owned any edition of this booklet published by the company, which is full of great tips and information for those wanting to use their products. Fortunately, blog reader Bill Angus pointed me to Jim Sizemore who does own this one, and blogs about it, with numerous page examples on HIS blog. Much of the book covers techniques for the now lost art of showcard lettering, but many of the examples would apply equally well to lettering comics. Be sure to click on the page images for larger views. I note with interest the company was touting their brand new “Flicker” points, with ink reservoirs that flipped open for easy cleaning. They were the pen point of choice for top letterers like Gaspar Saladino when I started in 1977, but went out of production some time in the 1980s, I think. They were a great idea, though occasionally flipping open those reservoirs got the ink flying in your face or on your clothes if you weren’t careful! Thanks for the heads-up, Bill.

5 thoughts on “A Speedball Lettering Text Book

  1. Bill Angus

    Actually, Todd – I don’t own one, and I didn’t write that blog. I just read it, and passed it on to you, as I thought you’d enjoy it.

    That’s actually Jim Sizemore’s post/blog/book.

    But I’m glad you enjoyed it, regardless.

  2. Jim Sizemore

    Thanks for the kind words, Todd, and for linking to the “Speedball” post. Just want to let you know that I’m adding a link to your master lettering site to my blogroll. Great work.

  3. Chip Lis

    I am looking to purchase a copy of Speedball’s 21st Edition. It’s the one I began with and introduced many others to calligraphy. Chip

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