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I worked with Tom in the DC Production Department for a few years, then we both went freelance and I haven’t seen or heard from him in ages, probably more than twenty years. Tom became a fine colorist, in the era of hand-painted guides, and I believe he successfully made the transition to computer coloring, continuing to work for DC and other companies. The last credits I recall seeing for him were on covers for TwoMorrows. At DC we were sometimes working on the same books, Tom as colorist, me as letterer, as in the example from SUPERGIRL above, and he always did a fine job.

When we worked in the same office, Tom was someone I enjoyed talking to. He was highly opinionated, had a quick wit, and was always generous with his time when anyone needed help. When Tom was a fan of something he was passionate about it, and he could argue the merits of favorite music groups like Devo until he wore you down and you HAD to appreciate them even if you didn’t really love them like he did. Tom was equally passionate about comics he liked. He was a firm fan of LOVE AND ROCKETS by the Hernandez brothers, published by Fantagraphics. I was doing some logo designing for them at the time, and designed a logo for the first series, and they sent me single copies of the early issues, which I enjoyed. Tom had been unable to find the first issue, and once he knew I had it he worked on me over time, gradually convincing me that I HAD to sell it to him so he could have a complete collection. A small amount of money changed hands, but mostly it was well worth it to see how happy it made him when I handed over the book. And I was pretty happy too, not having to hear any more of Tom’s persuasive arguments on the subject!

Today I received word, through Richard Bensam a reader of my blog, that Tom is in need of help; in the hospital with serious medical problems and no insurance. Tom’s friend Alan Kupperberg tells the story HERE, and there are covers of books Tom worked on there, too. Alan is collecting funds through PayPal that will go directly to Tom. I’ve made a donation, and if you’d like to, Alan’s PayPal address is:


I’m very sorry to hear about Tom’s medical issues, and hope he gets through it. Sounds like there’s a good chance of that, and your contribution might help.

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