Again with the snow


Just when the heavy snow from the last storm was melted off the roads and starting to melt off the rest of the ground (except where it’s piled by plowing or shoveling), another blizzard came through this week. Fortunately we escaped the worst of it, with areas north of us getting more snow. We had about an inch on Thursday and overnight and Friday morning about another three inches. The wind was howling a gale, too, making for unpleasant times outside.


These Goldfinches on the window feeder weren’t having a fun time, but at least they were able to get some food. Ellen was sent home from work early on Thursday, and went in late Friday. I stayed in both days, not needing to go anywhere. The cats and I kept warm and I got work done. Today the sun is out, and the snow is melting fast again. Can’t wait for spring!

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