Alan Moore on the magic and power of alphabets and language, an exclusive new work, each hand-signed by Alan, is one of many prints in my Holiday Sale.

BYRT2ndBlogA chilling poem by Neil Gaiman, again each copy hand-signed by Neil, is another. Do you have them in your collection? Order these and other prints in collaboration with Alex Ross, J.H. Williams III, Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham, Shawn McManus, Steve Rude, Dave Gibbons and Gene Ha by emailing me. The sale runs through Dec. 4th. Follow the instructions on the BUY STUFF page of my website. Offered at up to 50% off for the first time ever, they make great gifts!

ADDED: I believe the Neil Gaiman print is now sold out. I will know for sure this evening when I make up all the new orders I received in the last 12 hours.

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