Alan Moore Rarities site

Image © Alan Moore and Steve Moore.

If you’re a long-time Alan Moore fan like me, you might be interested in the GLYCON blog by Irish Moore fan Pádraig Ó Méalóid (who I think puts all those accents in his name to drive typists mad). Pádraig has been given permission by Alan and sometimes his collaborators to publish there rare, obscure and sometimes unpublished Moore work. Up most recently is a small pamphlet of four poems, “Technical Vocabularies,” two each by Alan Moore and Steve Moore, who also published the pamphlet in a limited edition of 101 signed copies. Interesting work: Alan’s poems are earthy and playful, Steve’s are more fantastic and wishful. Previous entries have more work by Alan you may never have heard of, let alone seen. A site worth visiting from time to time for certain.


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