Alex Jay’s THOR logo creation on his new blog

Image © Marvel Characters, Inc.

My all-time favorite THOR logo is the one designed by Alex Jay in 1983. And I say that having designed a later version myself! Alex has just begun a NEW BLOG, and is detailing the creation of that logo there. Three parts are up so far, so keep checking back for the full story.

3 thoughts on “Alex Jay’s THOR logo creation on his new blog

  1. Martin Gray

    And I say this logo is back on the new Marvel Thor, God of Thunder book. I’ve always liked it. I have a slight problem with the crossbar of the H, though – to me, the effect is of an ‘N’ – but I’m sure there’s a good reason … off to check out Alex’s blog!

  2. Martin Gray

    Ach, sorry Todd, reading this comment back (and that third word should be ‘see’, oops), it sounds like grudging admiration, when I’m simply being curious … please feel free to moderate me away, both of me!

    I see the letterforms are related to the Book of Kells – mystery solved!

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