“Alphabets of Desire” 3rd printing, “Before You Read This” 2nd printing

© Alan Moore and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

The third printing of my 11 by 17 inch signed print written by Alan Moore is here, and will be on sale SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH at NOON, Eastern Standard Time, along with the new “Comic Book Dreams” print co-created with Alex Ross, see THIS blog entry for an image of that print. Alan has signed this printing in green ballpoint, to set it apart from the red, blue and black signatures on the first two editions. The small text on the right edge also says “3rd printing.” The print run is 500 copies. More information about the creation of this print is HERE.

© Neil Gaiman and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

Also on sale at the same time will be the second printing of this one, written by Neil Gaiman. Neil has signed them in dark green fountain-pen ink, sort of a forest green, I’d say, to set them apart from the tanzanite (purple/blue) and brown inks used on the first edition. The words “2nd printing” also appear in the small type at the right edge. There are also 500 copies available of this one. Articles about the creation of the print begin HERE.

Both prints are priced at $20, and can be ordered from the BUY STUFF page on my website beginning Sunday, November 30th at NOON, or any time after that. Prints will be placed in a plastic sleeve and mailed in a sturdy mailing tube by First Class mail (First Class International for overseas orders). Orders will be process in the order received. I’ll do my best to turn them around quickly, and expect all orders received in at least the first week to arrive by Christmas.

Sorry this post is rather repetitive of the last one, just want to make things clear for anyone finding either post. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to hearing from you next Sunday!

One thought on ““Alphabets of Desire” 3rd printing, “Before You Read This” 2nd printing

  1. Kyle Latino

    Wow, I just found your blog today. I can already tell I’m going to pore through past entries for hours.

    I hadn’t become interested in comic lettering until recently, when certain issues came out and I thought, “Gee, wouldn’t that look better if it was hand-lettered or something?” I get the feeling that I’ve just found a rabbit hole that will send me down deeper into this new avenue of art. Weee!

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