Alphabets of Desire update 1/20/08

Lettering Sampler being paintedThe second printing of the Alphabets of Desire print is painted and signed by me, and off to Alan to be signed by him. If all goes well, it will be offered for sale in February, probably about a month from now, but I’ll have more information on that when I have them in hand again.Meanwhile, I’m painting a new batch of Lettering Sampler prints. The hand-colored ones sold out last December along with the Alphabets of Desire prints, so I’m doing another batch of 50. It will take some time, as each pass through takes a few hours. I’ve done four passes now, have finished the yellows, still working on the oranges. In the upper right of the photo is my master original that I’m using for a guide, though the inks I’m coloring with aren’t quite the same as I used back in 1993, they’re a little brighter and a little less transparent, so the colors will be somewhat different. I hope to have them ready when the AoD prints are ready.I’ve also done a new printing of the Library of Dream print, which is now on sale on my BUY STUFF page, if you’re interested in that. It’s on the same paper as AoD, so a thicker and more durable stock than previous prints, and better centered and aligned, too. The previous paper didn’t feed through my printer well, this paper works much better.More news when I have it.

One thought on “Alphabets of Desire update 1/20/08

  1. ]@/\/\!3

    Very cool news.
    I’ve been wanting to get one of the colored lettering sample posters too.
    I guess I can order them together in February.
    It’ll be my little birthday gift to myself.

    Thanks Todd.

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