Alphabets of Desire update

Just spoke to Alan Moore, he’s finished signing the second printing, and promises to have it sent back to me shortly. I still have to order shipping supplies, and looking at the calendar, I’m now thinking I may put them on sale the first week of March. Nothing definite until everything’s in hand, though, so keep checking here for the latest news. And if you’re on my “first notified” mailing list, I’ll be emailing you the exact time of sale well ahead of time, too.Meanwhile, there are only two more first printings being offered on eBay, one this week, one next week, then I’m all out, except for a few personal copies. You can visit my auctions HERE. Bid on these if you’d like one, last chance.I’ve also finished coloring fifty Lettering Sampler prints, I’ll have them for sale at the same time. That news will also be in my email. If you want on the email list, contact me HERE.

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