An Impressive Inkpot

I’ve just updated the Awards page on my website with this photo of my Inkpot Award, and thought I’d show it here as well. Designed by Rick Geary, a fine cartoonist, it really is a delightful and handsome sculpture, and the most attractive award I’ve ever received. And so appropriate, as I do use an inkpot (really an ink bottle) and pen when I do hand lettering, and they’re not unlike these, though not as cartoonily cool!

One thought on “An Impressive Inkpot

  1. Pádraig Ó Méaloid

    Congratulations on your Inkpot, which you really do deserve. When the people at the Forbidden Planet Blog asked me who I would like to interview for them after the Alan Moore interview appeared, I mentioned three names; You, Neil Gaiman, and Rick Geary. My interview with you is currently ongoing, I should be interviewing Neil before the end of the year, if all goes according to plan, and all that remains is to contact Rick to see if he’s interested in doing one. Life is good!

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