And The Artist Is…ALEX ROSS!

© Alex Ross and Todd Klein.

Since July I’ve been saying I had a third signed print in the works, this one a collaboration with an artist rather than a writer, but I was reluctant to say who until I had the art in hand, in case anything went awry. Well, the art came in last week, and it’s this stunning piece by Alex Ross that far outshines the meager concept I gave him. The print will be called “Comic Book Dreams”, and will have quite a bit of lettering on it. I’ll be showing that, and writing about the evolution of the print in the coming weeks, but right now I have to get them printed, painted, and off to Alex for signing. I’m hoping to have them ready for sale the last week of November.

In other print news, a third printing of “Alphabets of Desire” is complete and on the way to Alan Moore for signing, so that one will be available soon, too. And I have a second printing of “Before You Read This” printed, but it still needs to be painted before I can send it to Neil Gaiman for signing. I’ll be working hard the next few weeks trying to get all three prints ready for sale by the end of November. If my blog posts are on the light side, you’ll know why. Back to work!

10 thoughts on “And The Artist Is…ALEX ROSS!

  1. Chris Bissette

    I’ll definitely be getting a copy of Comic Book Dreams. That thing is stunning, I can’t wait to see the job you do with the lettering.

  2. Lou Valenti

    This will be fantastic! Congrats on another Home Run — I can’t wait to see the completed piece.

    Any idea on the price yet?

    Thanks for this great new “line” of prints. You are definitely a High-End manufacturer;)


  3. Marcel

    That’s an amazing Alex Ross art, and I can’t wait to see it all lettered. Very good concept, congratulations!

  4. Stu West

    Alex Ross should work in black and white more often. When he does, like here and in the Wesley Dodds Sandman short he did, the results are stunning. Can’t wait to have this hanging on my wall.

  5. the noodle sektor

    this is going to be one epic print! will we be able to get an advance heads-up like with your previous prints?


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  7. Todd Post author

    IF you’re on my mailing list (sign-up link in the left column of this blog) you will get advance ordering info.

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