And Then I Read: 2 SISTERS by Matt Kindt

I don’t like Matt Kindt’s art. I find his writing difficult to follow. Despite that, his Super-Spy books like this 336-pager keep me reading and wondering what I will happen next to the very end.

There are several storylines here that may or may not connect. One follows an ancient Roman gold cup through history. One features a girl who joins the pirates who have captured the ship she was on. One features a group secretly building guided-missile rockets.

One features Elle and Anna, sisters living in the country with their alcoholic father, who has not recovered from the death of his wife. Anna is in love with a fine house beyond their woods, and declares she will live in it someday. Anna has a boyfriend, and Elle is jealous.

Later in time, we follow Elle to London during World War Two, where she takes a job as an ambulance driver. She meets a smart, charming man named Alan and they begin an affair, but tragedy strikes. Soon, Elle is recruited to be a spy, and begins to go on missions in Europe. Having lost Alan, Elle seems reckless and willing to do anything. What will she do when she finds out that Alan might not be dead after all?

I have to admit I would never have bought this book, it was a gift at last year’s ‘Ringo Awards ceremony. It took me this long to read it, and now I’m kind of glad I did even though the book left me with many unanswered questions.

Mildly recommended. If this is your kind of book, you’ll love it.

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