And Then I Read: ACTION COMICS 894

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I haven’t read any Superman titles for a long time, but I couldn’t resist this one. Had to see what Paul Cornell had in mind for Death of the Endless. Turns out to be a long dialogue with Lex Luthor who appears to be dead, though he doesn’t want to believe or accept it. This must seem a very different Superman comic to regular readers, with essentially no action, all talk, but it’s quite interesting talk. And Death sounds like herself as written by Neil Gaiman. I believe I read somewhere that Neil had a hand in her dialogue, certainly reads that way. And what is the talk about? Lex’s life, what it was about, how it might have been different, what his afterlife might be like. Interesting topics, and Lex is not having any of it.

I didn’t find the interior art by Pete Woods as good as the cover by David Finch, but it’s not bad. It carries the story well, not an easy task with two people talking for umpteen pages. In the end it’s kind of a stunt casting thing, I doubt it will have any real impact on Lex or the title, and as you can imagine, Lex comes back to life toward the end, but it’s a fun read and recommended.

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