And Then I Read: ADVENTURE 1


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Not quite sure what to think of this relaunch of ADVENTURE. I mean, I’m all for it in principle, but the lead story isn’t what I was expecting. It features the Connor version of Superboy, whose story I don’t quite get, apparently trying to recreate Superman’s boyhood: living with the Kents and Krypto in Smallville, going to school, making new friends. But then Superman shows up and they have an odd conversation. I like many of the things that happened in the story, Johns’ dialogue is great, but I feel there are things I’m not quite getting. The art by Francis Manapul is in a much different style from the one he used most recently on the Legion. It has a paint over pencils look that reminds me of Tim Sale on SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS. A nice look, but moody, giving the art more the feel of the “Smallville” TV show than any previous Superboy comic.

The backup featuring The Legion of Super-Heroes focuses on Starman, the mentally deranged one last seen in LEGION OF 3 WORLDS, and also seems to take place in present day Smallville. Is it supposed to be the same continuity as the main story? If so, I don’t see any connection. And on the last page things get even stranger.

Can’t really form an opinion on this book. I’ll give it a few issues, see where it goes.

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