And Then I Read: ADVENTURE 518 – 520

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I enjoyed these three issues more than the last ones I read, perhaps because writer Paul Levitz is mixing things up nicely with a variety of storytelling techniques. ADVENTURE focuses on early Legion tales, and I’m sure they’re woven skillfully into existing continuity, I’m just not up on that enough to tell. 518 focuses mainly on the pursuit of a smuggler with grand ambitions and apparently plenty of resources. Paul marshals and deploys his forces with chess-like precision that’s fun to read. The future Dream Girl (I think) has a premonition about a Legionnaire death, and Superboy confronts his doom and a ghost. 519 has some of the Legion visiting Superboy in Smallville to experience his life and times, and along the way defeat a villain that Brainiac-5 knows a lot about. It’s a cute setup and another fun read. 520 is an abrupt change of pace, beginning with a Legionnaire funeral, then working back through the story to explain how that came to be. Reminds me a bit of the structure of “Citizen Kane,” though I’m not saying it’s in that class of storytelling. Not bad, though telling the story backwards does rob it of some of the drama and emotion that might have come from doing it the obvious way. And, of course, we can be pretty sure that the death shown here will not be a permanent one.

Either the art by Sharpe and Alquiza is improving, or I’m just getting more used to their style, but I thought it mostly worked better than the last issues I read. Here’s a nice closeup that conveys emotion convincingly, and the storytelling is good throughout.

Still not motivated to read the Atom backups, sorry.


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