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Along with the relaunched LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES title, Paul Levitz is also now writing this one, and taking it in a much more fun direction than when I read the book last. Conner Kent takes some time off from exploring life in Smallville to jump ahead and spend time with the current LSH, in a story called “Playing Hooky.” Paul handles everyone in this book with a lighter touch than in the other one, helped by the pencil art of Kevin Sharpe, who tends to draw the characters younger.

The faces are a little off at times, but generally it works fine. It’s kind of a romp through the most familiar tropes of the Legion, without the backbiting, tough knocks and anger often seen there of late. Everyone seems to be trying to make Conner’s time fun for him, a nice idea, and an enjoyable read, which looks back to the more innocent Legion adventures of their early days while still making knowing nods and winks to the present.


4 thoughts on “And Then I Read: ADVENTURE COMICS 12

  1. Kurt Busiek

    That’s Clark, isn’t it? Not Conner.

    I read it a while back, but I was pretty sure it was Clark with the early Legion, not Conner with the current crew.

  2. Todd Post author

    Yes, looking again, it was Clark, my bad. This is what happens when you read something and then review it two weeks later, sorry.

  3. Karl Disley

    Love the Legion….I just love it. The Adventure Comics tales are all over the place in terms of continuity but never mind, it takes moi back to the old Action/Adventure days [sigh].

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