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This issue’s cover represents a company-wide look for one month, using large symbols instead of a logo. Some work better than others. I like the Legion symbol on this one, and the art is attractive, but it’s a pin-up, and has nothing to do with the story, if that matters.

The Science Police have their dangerous enemy Saturn Queen  captive on a ship heading for a prison planet, but she’s not without resources, apparently. Another dangerous super-powered foe shows up to rescue her, and his super-hot sun-energy is too much for the police and the one Legion member on escort duty. Things look bad until Mon-El shows up, though even with the added help from a Green Lantern ring, he has a tough time making headway in this situation. Other sub-plots are advanced slightly, and the issue is a good one overall.

The art by Geraldo Borges and Marlo Alquiza is quite good. There are a lot of new Spanish-sounding artist names showing up on this and other DC titles. I can’t help wondering if there’s a new off-shore art farm team, like the one DC set up in the Phillippines in the 1970s, but I haven’t heard anything about it, if so. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the high proportion of Spanish-speaking folks in the US now.


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