And Then I Read: ADVENTURE COMICS 527-529

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With these issues one of DC’s oldest titles goes off the shelves once again, to make way for the new 52. Paul Levitz has been telling tales of the Legion Academy in this book, and in issue 527 we get something of a break from that with the strange origin of Comet Queen, a character I’ve never warmed to. I might call her an airhead, except that comets are mostly water…flaming water head? Her speech pattern is kind of mesmerizing, and before I knew it I was enjoying her origin story after all, and liking her more.

Issues 528-9 get back to the Legion Academy, but more, get this group involved with the events in the main Legion title, where Saturn Queen’s band of villains are creating all kinds of havoc. It begins with graduation day for several Academy seniors, but when Cosmic King invades and takes over Legion headquarters, only the Academy members and instuctors are around to tackle him, and so they have at it. What we see then is some of the weaker Legionnaires and untried students battling a vicious and clever villain with powers that are hard to combat: he can change any inert object into any other element. It’s an epic battle with lots of surprises, and true heroics.

The art on these has pencils by Geraldo Borges, additional pencils by Ransome Getty and Marlo Alquiza doing most of the inks. It all looks good to me. Some of the character faces here and there are a bit wooden, but mostly it works fine.

Levitz will be back in one new Legion title among the 52, as will some of these characters. Recommended.

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