And Then I Read: AGE OF BRONZE 29


Images © Eric Shanower.

We’re in the midst of the epic battle with this issue, and to change things up Eric has broken from his usual eight-panels per page layout on quite a few of these pages, even throwing panels out the window for a borderless dream sequence. He’s also used a great deal of variety of shots and approaches in this issue, from a eagle’s eye view of the entire massive city of troy to page-high close-ups, and everything in between.


He’s even playing with the lettering as a design element, something I haven’t seen much of in this series. In short, Eric seems to be having more fun with the book, which I applaud. The story is still full of violence, intrigue, personal agendas and madness, love and sex, heroics and evil deeds. It is the classic epic story, and though this issue is only a small slice of it, there’s a lot of meat on the plate in these pages. Even if you haven’t been reading the series, you might want to give this one a look, it’s a standout, and highly recommended.

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