And Then I Read: Alan Moore’s Exit Interview

Alan Moore’s Exit Interview cover

If you’ve ever wondered about Alan Moore’s issues with mainstream comics and movie adaptations of his work that have caused him to distance himself from them as much as possible, it’s all here in his own words. I’ve heard some of the contents from Alan himself, some from other people involved, and some in other interviews, but this is a summation with quite a few details I hadn’t heard before. In this slim paperback you’ll also find lots of other topics, such as the new novel Alan is working on, other upcoming projects, past adventures, philosophies, and more. Well worth a look if you’re a Moore fan.

I can’t help mentioning that the title design on the cover is one of the worst I have seen in a while. The font is an awful choice, and there’s a honking great gap between the I and the rest of Interview. Luckily, anyone buying this will not be deterred by anything on the cover, I’m sure.

Alan Moore”s Exit Interview by Bill Baker

One thought on “And Then I Read: Alan Moore’s Exit Interview

  1. minifig

    As you say – crap design, but a wonderful book. I think it sums up his problems with comics industry really well, and it’s remarkably persuasive.

    I think that Alan should do another book entitled “What’s wrong with the Hollywood film industry” since his views on that seem just as valid and strong.

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