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This is an unusually well-written comic from Grant Morrison, wrapping up a Bizarro storyline in an inspired way. The Bizarro idea began many years ago as a joke thing: let’s all laugh at the idiotic character who does everything the opposite of Superman, and was popular enough to inspire a whole world of Bizarros. I never found the idea particularly interesting, or funny, personally. Grant has thought the idea through to some startling results here, playing the Bizarros as “theater of the absurd,” with considerable dark humor, balanced by Zibarro, the one rogue Bizarro with real intelligence and understanding, and utilized here for great pathos, as he and Superman are the only ones who understand or care that the whole Bizarro world is going down for the last time, with Superman too weak to stop it. The solution is classic, I won’t give it away.

The art on this issue by Frank Quitely is terrific, as usual. The coloring by Jamie Grant is murky, at times almost indecipherable, which bothered me some, but in the end added to the claustrophobic insanity of the place. And there are some breaks back to Lois observing from the outside.

Can’t remember the last time a comic made me laugh and feel very sad at the same time — even on the same page here and there. Grant really knows what he’s doing. And what a long way we are from the original Bizarro idea.

Highly recommended.

More X-Men logos tomorrow evening.

One thought on “And Then I Read: ALL-STAR SUPERMAN 8

  1. Ford MF

    The previous issue has one of my favorite gags ever:

    “Where’s Batman?”
    “Bizarro Bruce Wayne am shot dead by his parents in Crime Alley.”

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