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Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely continue to impress me with their unique take on Superman and his mythos in this book. Issue 9 focuses on a pair of Kryptonians newly arrived on Earth. They represent the problem of the know-it-all with too much power…they see a lot wrong with Earth, and, like Superman, find they have the ability to change things. And, as they equal Superman’s power, and are two to his one, he can’t do much to stop them. Like the best of Grant’s work, it’s a well thought-out morality play with a good dose of humor, and in the end, pathos. If this were the only vision of Superman, it wouldn’t work, but as a thoughtful variation for discerning readers, perhaps long-time readers who know the traditional Superman well, this is a wonderful alternative. Frank Quitely’s art is a masterful mix of characterization, detail and open space that is a delight to the eye. Sure, his characters may not be on model, but they’re very apt for this title, and he works seamlessly with Grant.

If you think you might fit the profile above, or if you just like good storytelling, you’ll enjoy this comic. Highly recommended!

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