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After some uneasy moments early in this series, I’m laughing at Ambush Bug again. These two issues are a riot. From issue 4’s opening page of “cut-out and paste on the missing balloons,” through a thorough lampoon of Dan Didio and into a parody of the whole company crossover idea, it’s all pretty funny. And Dan is a good sport for letting Giffen and Fleming go at him. My opinion of the man, who I don’t know, has risen considerably.

Issue 5 begins with the Bug taking a Henchman job, then explores the parallel Earths idea from DC’s past and present Crises, but Ambush Bug style. Didio takes more barbs, and each of the worlds is amusing in its own way. I particularly liked the Frank Miller Batman world where every other word is blacked out. This is funny stuff, rare in comics these days. Recommended!

8 thoughts on “And Then I Read: AMBUSH BUG YEAR NONE 4-5

  1. Pat Brosseau

    I also thought there was some pretty funny stuff in these issues too. I lettered #6 a long time ago, but I have a strange feeling it may never see the light of day. Who knows?

  2. Brendan H.

    Noooo! Please let issue #6 come out! Like Todd wrote, the series was really hitting its stride in issues 4 & 5. What about issue #6 makes you think it’ll never come out? Besides the already long delay, that is.

  3. Tom Smith

    I colored those issues and #6 too,,so the book is done. I don’t know what is going on either ? That last issue was a CLASSIC ,I hope it sees the light of day.


  4. Pete Jaquay

    the fact that this still isn’t out makes me strongly question the professionalism of the DC higher up’s… those suit dummies can’t just let 5 books out that say “of 6” and than not release the 6th even though it’s done… it drives us collecting fans crazy not having complete sets! Please tell Dan Didio to stop using it as a coffee coaster on his desk and let us fanboys get a read. Also great job on #1-5, which has been most excellent… party on! 🙂 -Pete

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  6. saidestroyer

    it’s been announced that #6 will be released on october 28. but it’ll be numbered #7, “whatever happened to ambush bug #6?” or something like that

    i wonder if there’ll be a “ONE YEAR LATE(r)” stamp on the cover 😛

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