And Then I Read: AMERICAN VAMPIRE 3 & 4

Images © Scott Snyder & Stephen King.

The two stories in this book seem to be working together better as they go along. Both have picked up the pace with lots of action and horror in each. Pearl’s story by Snyder continues to impress with great character development, while King’s story here is back to masterful in-your-face western showdowns of the vampiric sort. His main character Sweet seems to be getting more vicious, and with good reason. Perhaps the creepiest thing about these new vampires is the way their fingers can extend into long, slashing claws. The biggest horrors here for me are the psychological ones, as when a trusted friend turns out to be allied with your worst enemy.

The art by Rafael Albuquerque is great, I like the slightly cartoony style that allows the horror an extra theatrical edge. He’s still using a gray wash technique for the backup and regular inked linework for the main story, but with similar coloring the differences are not that striking. It all works well for me.


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