And Then I Read: AMERICAN VAMPIRE 5 – 7

Images © Scott Snyder and DC Comics.

Issue 5 wraps up the first arc of this series, both the main story about Pearl Jones, the newly created vampire, and Skinner Sweet, the experienced older one. Both stories provide enough satisfying closure while of course leaving room for more. Pearl has gone through the various stages of “death,” and emerges here intent on revenge, while Sweet gets his own kind of revenge both back in the 19th century and in Pearl’s era of the roaring twenties.

Issues 6 and 7 introduce a new location and era, Las Vegas in 1936, when it was a small corrupt, vice-ridden town, as opposed to a large one. Skinner Sweet is there, and as you can imagine, wreaking havoc on some old enemies, while on his trail are a pair of vampire hunters. Pearl just shows up briefly at the end of 7, no doubt to play a bigger part soon. The storyline, now all by Snyder, is interesting and well-paced so far. I like the fact that he focuses on the vampire hunters and Sweet’s victims, leaving Sweet himself mostly in the shadows. Makes for a nice change. I do have to wonder who’s going to emerge as a sympathetic character in this one, as everyone seems to have a dark side in this series.

The art by Rafael Albuquerque is generally fine, though issue 7 seems more rushed, with the faces losing consistency and definition, not a good thing for his style, which is already kind of loose and cartoony at heart. I’d rather see him inked by someone with talent than have the art go this direction myself. Don’t know if that’s possible, he may do some of his drawing at the inking stage.

Recommended if you’re a vampire fan.

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