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The storyline in this series is developing well. The addition of not one but two pairs of vampire hunters brings new focus to the drama, with one pair trying to convince the sheriff of depression era Las Vegas his town’s streak of murders is the result of a vampire war, and the other trying to get information from Pearl about her own mentor Sweet. The story unfolds in a convincingly nightmarish way for the sheriff, as he is forced by events to realize the incredible things he’s been told could be true. It gets even more nightmarish when his own dead father shows up! Meanwhile, Pearl has been trying to live a clean life away from her vampiric past, but now that seems to be about over.

There are still some things in Albuquerque’s art that bother me, particularly too many lines and too much variation in the faces from panel to panel. The characters are not all clearly defined either, some are too similar. But in general the art didn’t push me out of the story as it did last time, and there are effective pages and scenes. Not sure if the art is better or the story is just more involving. In any event, this issue is recommended.

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